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We are indie game developer from Poland
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Rules we follow

No difficulty scaling!
Zero notifications!
Story with some value!
Game needs an ending!
Limited ways to spend money!
No psychological pressure of PvP!
Only optional ads!
Minimal generic content!

About us

Robert Śnieżyński

One-man Programming Team

Marta Stępkowska

Art Director Directing Herself

Paulina Michalska

Overseeing PR Team Consisting of PC and a Mobile Phone

It all began when two talented nerds with passion for video games met in 2016. Those two were Robert and Marta, the brain and the heart of the Weird Johnny Studio!

The goal of the studio was to make games by our very own rules. There is a sea of games trying to squeeze players out of their last penny to be higher in some PvP ranking. We want to do something valuable and fun for you! Games we make are single player with no pay-to-win mechanics because, let’s be honest, your decisions and strategy should affect game progress, not amount of money spent. That’s what we’re talking about.

Each day here is an adventure with new problems to solve on our road. And we power through them, so we can keep making even better games!

Robert Developer
Marta Graphic Designer
Robert Developer
Marta Graphic Designer


  • Hero Tale Idle RPG

    Hero Tale Idle RPG

    Follow the boy on a journey to become a Hero! Explore a funny and unique island set in medieval fantasy, gain experience while doing quests and become stronger. Adapt your strategy to different enemies by choosing your own path on the massive skill tree. And when it looks like you are getting stuck, remember, practice makes perfect!

  • Illuminati Adventure

    Illuminati Adventure

    Ever wondered how it is like to be a billionaire? Ever dreamed about turning a modest lemonade stand into a great factory monopolizing the soft drinks market? Dream no more! Enter the world of grand business with Illuminati Adventure! Make money, invest, climb the career ladder. How will you get to the very top of the world? With hard work or playing dirty? Decision is all yours! And if you manage to impress Illuminati lords, you will see a whole new world of capitalism!

al. Rzeczypospolitej 8/401
80-369 Gdańsk


1. Can I record gameplay of any of your games?
Yes, feel free to record. If you want to, you can send us a link to your videos or reviews on any of our social media or at

2. I have problems with my game. How can I contact you about this?
Please contact us at Describe your issue with most details you can and if possible, add screenshots or video. 

3. Are you looking for people to work?
Not at the moment! When we’ll be looking for someone to expand our team, we will be posting a job offer. 

4. Are you planning any online features in your games (PvP, Guild system, chat etc.)?
Our aim is to create fun single player games, so there are no plans to add such features. 

5. Will there be more monetization in your games?
No, we don’t like too much monetization, so we don’t add it. It’s always purely optional and doesn’t affect gameplay heavily. 

6. What is your schedule for games updates?
We inform about this on our social media or on our discord!


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