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Last modified: May 9th 2023

1. Can I record gameplay of any of your games?
Yes, feel free to record. If you want to, you can send us a link to your videos or reviews on any of our social media or at

2. I have problems with my game. How can I contact you about this?
Please contact us at Describe your issue with most details you can and if possible, add screenshots or video. 

3. Are you looking for people to work?
Not at the moment! When we’ll be looking for someone to expand our team, we will be posting a job offer. 

4. Are you planning any online features in your games (PvP, Guild system, chat etc.)?
Our aim is to create fun single player games, so there are no plans to add such features. 

5. Will there be more monetization in your games?
No, we don’t like too much monetization, so we don’t add it. It’s always purely optional and doesn’t affect gameplay heavily. 

6. What is your schedule for games updates?
We inform about this on our social media or on our discord!